Plate Pasty

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A Barnstaple Favourite following Our Original Barnstaple Baker's Recipe, Minced Steak, Potato and onion Pasty in our fabulous Flaky Butter and Lard Puff Pastry  in a family sized 9" round.

West Country Steak, potato and onion with a peppery hit encased in a traditional Butter and Lard Flaky Puff Pastry.

Certified Palm Oil Free by POFCAP.

Allergens: Wheat Flour (Gluten) and Egg (Glaze)

Available Baked.

Baked: Reheat in Oven at 180c or Gas Mark 4 for 25 mins.

Suitable for home freezing for up to 6 months, or Refrigerate and consume within 4 days.